Economic loss

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Health inequalities result in an economic loss of €980 billion per year in the EU. (The European Institute for Women Health, 2018)

billion loss per year

“Women have delays in diagnosis for the most common and deadly conditions, and a greater likelihood of receiving a psychiatric diagnosis for physical symptoms”

Now imagine the social and economic impact if more than half the EU population had a poorer quality of care.

No need to imagine, this is the current situation.

Women’s health issues are often seen as being limited to sexual and reproductive issues, whereas sex- and gender differences are relevant for many medical disciplines and all aspects of diagnosis, wellbeing and healthcare.

The causes of this societal discrepancy are plenty, but they are usually rooted in outdated mystification and the perceived fragility of the female body and mind. Moreover, illnesses are often paired with gender through a  lack of research. For example, cardiac problems are often perceived as a male issue, but heart disease and strokes cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year in the US – more than all cancers combined. On the other hand, osteoporosis is seen as a women’s health issue, but research has found that men older than 50 are more likely to break a bone due to osteoporosis than they are to get prostate cancer.

“Women outlive men by more than five years, but their healthy life expectancy advantage is less than nine months.” (Eurostat, 2017)

Women have more than a 50% greater risk of developing adverse drug reactions compared to men.” (EIWH, 2018)


Tackling the gender and sex biases in healthcare would be much more human and even cost effective than being satisfied with a malfunctioning health system favouriting unhealthy population. Even more, it’s the society’s responsibility to actively turn the tides. This is why we need Care4everyBody, promoting equality in the quality of healthcare for all genders and sexes Care4everyBody is a webplatform gathering concrete actions to improve healthcare quality addressed to health professionals but also to patients. Care4everyBody also aims to amplify the voice of existing organisations  tackling the issue of inadequate healthcare based on the disregard of gender and sex specificities.

The solution

Care4everyBody is not a new organisation but an amplifier, an umbrella, and a springboard for voices and solutions currently scattered all over Europe. Care4everyBody is led by a board of high-level experts that acts as a steering group and oversees the platform’s activities. Universities, research centres and organisations across Europe are already taking action on gender bias Care4everybody offers a virtual platform to promote Europe-wide implementation of solution-oriented projects, mostly in research and education. The goal is to amplify the voice of those already taking action, to share best practices and existing solutions. The platform aims to build a community where professionals and patients can showcase their projects, create networks and build new partnerships. Thus, the platform can have a real impact on the quality of healthcare in the EU.

Join us today and help citizens to get the best healthcare they deserve!